Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alopecia areata success story

Hello All,

This is my first blog ever and i created one just to share my experience on how i overcome Alopecia Areata, A condition where hair loss happens in patch. I don't want to go in much details on what Alopecia Areata is and how it is caused blah blah.....

I was first diagnosed with AA during the  first half of  the year 2012, A small round patch surfaced on back of my head and i was prescribed to use Dithranol ointment, which has to be mixed with vasaline petroleum jelly and applied every night and folica hair tincture every morning for 3 months. 

I did this for 3 months but did not see any improvements by this time one more patch appeared on back of my head, I again visited the doctor and this time he prescribed Hair4U spray (A Topical Solution (Minoxidil/Aminexil) - 5%/1.5% ) applied every night for 3 months. I started seeing some improvements after using this and by the end of the 2nd month i had all the patches covered and was happy to get my hairs back and stopped using the spray.

After a month or two i started to see the patches again on back of my head and this time the patches where big enough and was not able to cover it by doing hair makeup and finally had to shave off my head :(.

Looking at my worst condition one of my friend suggested to go for Naati Medicine (A Local Remedy) given by barbers. Since i did not see any improvements with General Medicine i decided to try out and visited the barber who gave me a small box of medicine which he had prepared by grinding variety of leaves and asked to mix this with lemon juice and apply everyday. Even this failed to produce any result and i had lost hope of getting my hair back and already spent around 5000 - 6000 Rupees on it.

I use to search everyday on net about the cure for AA and tried all the suggestions available on net from applying onion juice and castor oil mixed with cayenne pepper powder, Nisargalaya root hair oil ..etc but nothing helped. One day i came across a post on net about using De-Colorized iodine tinctue for AA.( and decided to try it. I searched for De-colorized iodine in my locality and did nor find any pharmacist selling De-colorized iodine and finally decided to use the regular iodine tincture which were easily available and costed only 45 Rupees for a bottle.

I started applying iodine tincture and the next day i started to feel itching on the places where i had applied iodine tincture and that's when i thought something is happening. to stop myself scratching my head i started using coconut oil every other day mixed with Vitamin E -oil and massage the scalp. After following this for two months i started to notice new hair foils coming out of patches. I continued this fro 4-5 months and all the patches are now covered with thick hair. During this period i also used to take supradyn tablets every day

I have now stopped using iodine tincture and supradyn for almost two months and have not seen any hair loss lately but i continue to apply coconut hair oil once in three days at night and take a head bath in morning.

I am attaching few of my pics taken during the course.


  1. That's great. I have been using nisargalaya root hair oil to strengthen my hair from a year ago. Try it to prevent from any kind of hair problems.

  2. Hi, I'm suffering from the same problem for about last 1.5 years, after extensive searching i decided not take any meds as the hairs will regrow of its own after sometime, but a small patch is regrowing till now. In the meantime a large part of my beard and small patches on head have appeared. Now, finally I have decided for the treatment and today itself i got some steroid injected to my skin. It was hell of a painful process. The doc has prescribed me two lotions 1. Folica hair ticture 2. Minoxidil Tropical Solution USP 5%. I'm starting the treatment today hoping my hair will grow back. It's quite a stressful condition and a emotionally challenging one. Please give me suggestions. Thankyou

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  4. Can You show Picture of iodine tinctures .

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  8. Very very happy to see something positive about the this AA condition. I'm very happy for you. I am suffering from the same problem. Currently it's a patch now and I have been applying Folica Hair Tincture for the past week. You said that you used to apply Coconut Oil but my doctor has told me not to apply oil (at the patch). I just want to know what things should I care about like diet etc etc.

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  11. Can you post the picture of Iodine Tincture you used and did u wash the head the next day with shampoo?
    Does using it grow hair in the front also?

  12. Any chance that you could treat me from Skype? I'm from PerĂº and my alopecia seems to be diffuse areata since there's inflamation in the folicles (biopsia made) ?

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  20. Iodine is well known to enter cells and activate gene transcription and release of growth factors. This has been shown in multiple tissues including breast tissue and immune cells. I am betting that some of the benefits seen here has to do with the direct activity of iodine on cells feeding hair follicles.
    On top of that, if one is lacking thyroid hormones, the absorbed iodine will be utilized to create these necessary molecules in order to assist in hair growth. This is why hypothyroidism induced by an iodine deficiency causes hair loss as a common symptom. So both direct (iodine in cells) and indirect (thyroid hormones) mechanisms are present.

  21. how about, Iodine + Vitamin C make it white solution?

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